SiS530 FrameBuffer Driver

incase you want to see the older, less sophisticated attempts to see how things should work.

New developments will be posted here, and archived regularly, so you won't have to sift thru all the old stuff each and every time something new happens. new stuff should be a bit more informative as well. hopefully.

With a more useful set of tools at my disposal, and some more time (yay, finals are finally over!), I should be able to get some more stuff worked out with this and have something to show for it by early November.

Thankfully, the chipset is very similar to plain VGA programming, with a few extentions here and there. Most of the hard part is filling in appropriate data in the structures for the driver.

A very big thank you goes out to Mathieu Malaterre for an amazing amount of research (finding all the possible obscure implimentations that are out there), and a great deal of interest, keeping me from putting it off even longer.

Recent Developments

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